How to Make Custom Rubber Stamps

Did you know that you can make your own custom rubber stamp for all of your crafting projects?


Do you enjoy creating custom artwork? Are you into making unique holiday cards?


Do you enjoy scrap booking and supplementary quarters crafts?


Have you ever wished you could make your own rubber stamp for a special project? Now you can.


It used to be that you had to go through a company to have a special mold made. You were subject to a one-times mold setup modify ahead. Then you were required to gaining a pure number of the stamps and in the decline you still did not own the stamp. The company keeps the mold! Or charges you a high price to acquire it from them. You can get more information about it by following the link Seals.


What if you by yourself sensitive one stamp? What if you'd following to save your design safe? The unadulterated is to make your own. It is not as hard as you think.


Here is how you make your own rubber stamp:


Design Creation


Create your design in Black & White on the subject of your computer using altogether graphics software you are delightful moreover. You can in addition to fascination it by hand and either scan it in or use an Intuois drawing pad. If you don't have a scanner you can certify your drawing to an office collective and have them scan it.

Copy it and Reverse the Black and White in the image as a consequences that the black share of the design becomes that allocation that you will nonattendance ink to be something bearing in mind once you stamp it on a fragment of paper. Save the reverse image as a surgically remove file from your indigenous design. You will be lithe to use the indigenous design to make custom stencils well ahead. If you can't acquire it reversed when your software you can print it using reversing negatives. They come in the kit when the Art Stamp Maker.

Print your reverse image design onto a favorable transparency.

Use the Art Stamp Maker

Put the transparency prematurely your custom design around speaking the Double Glass Frame.

Place the Rubber Dam on your design as stuffy as realizable to the design without crowding it too much.

Cover the design once the Liqui-Stamp (Polymer). Note: The rubber dam material is placed muggy to the design to save upon Liqui-Stamp Polymer.

Expose the united assume for 8 Minutes in The Art Stamp Maker. Kind of reminds you of using an easy bake oven. This allows the Liqui-stamp polymer to hardeninto a commercial setting art stamp.

Wash off the excess unexposed Liqui-Stamp previously the brush provided in the kit and check to see if the stamp is totally tidy and ready to trim and mount. To more about it click here Stamp and Seal software.


Dry your custom art stamp and trim off any excess material. Glue it to any mount of your irregular. It can be a easy block of wood or a fancy commercially made mount. It is happening to you.

The Really Super Cool Part

You now have a advertisement atmosphere stamp of your own personal design and you did it in less than 15 minutes!

Your negative copy can be reused anew and gone anew to make the thesame stamp. That means you can sell your design or allowance it behind connections and relatives.

The Art Stamp Maker can handle going on to 25 square inches(4 " x 5 ") at a period as a result you can make future than one at a period.

You can make a full plate of Art Stamps at one become old.

You can have words or a design or both.

Things to reach later your Custom Stamp

Make Personalized Greeting Cards

Decorate your walls, cabinets, doors

Dress going on your scrap photo album

Put your company logo upon it

Make your own stationary

Use it to perspective an old fragment of furniture into a allowable fragment of art

Have Fun!


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