Standard Healers - Learn Just how to Differentiate Them For Your Benefit

A traditional healer is a person recognized in his community and beyond for providing health and social care using herbs, bones, creature trinkets, dreams, prayers, phoning spirits and many other methods determined by the society offered from. Standard healers in Southern Cameras are not like the sleep of Africa or Shamans in South America. The society determines the traditional healing practices of the traditional healer.


Healers fluctuate in the techniques they use and what they do. Many are psychics (clairvoyants), herbalists, diviners, and prophets. Each one of these healer has his own area of expertise and the techniques they use differ considerably and they are often influenced by the society in which they come from.


However the distinction between the types of traditional healers is no longer all that clear as they play overlapping roles. Some psychics dispense herbs and some herbalists use plants to look into a amazingly ball like psychics.


Distinguishing Healers




Diviners are usually intermediaries between humans and the ancestors. Most diviners are called into the reigns against their will. The diviners are usually chosen in their child years. Some are called in their adulthood after a series of unexplainable problems. One common thing is that the person called into the ranks has no choice. When they try to refuse death may befall them or madness. Get more information about rustenburg sangoma.


Diviners make clear the unexplainable problems and they also help foretelling what is to come using the assistance of mood and ancestral help. Diviners help you solve problems that are torturing you.


Prophets / Faith Healers


In the African and South American societies there are churches that incorporate modern religion and primitive practices. In these made use of we now have leaders which may have already been called to perform duties of prophets. The prophets are healers of a type and they use water, candles and praying to solve people problems. In Southern Africa we have as an example the 'Shembe' cathedral and Zion Christian Chapel that combine African and Christian values in their religion


Psychics and Clairvoyants


Psychics and clairvoyants have existed considering that the beginning of life. The bible speaks a lot about psychics or clairvoyants.


Clairvoyant and psychic is around having the ability to see past the known senses.


All of us all are able to be psychics. But, it is merely those that develop it for some reason or the other that really become psychics with the ability to help others.


Psychic capabilities are passed on to a lot of people by their ancestors. This is often true within the traditional African society.




A herbalist is an individual who has knowledge of how plants (herbal medicine) can be used to cure ailments. This does not include using plant life to influence events and actions.


Modern Herbalists


A herbalist may learn through modern ways, that is going to school, having a structured program, doing exams and then proven to be competent. There are many those who have gone through this process and they are true herbalists.


Traditional Herbalists


There are also herbalists which may have been trained the traditional way. These types of are traditional healers who do not only concentrate on curing the physical conditions of the patients but deal with the patients problems holistically.


These treat normal ailments including supporting HIV / AIDS patients. Traditional healers also package with conditions that do not respond to western medical treatment that include: spirit possession (that contributes to unexplainable diseases), sorcery (leading to madness), and ancestral wrath, neglect of cultural rituals or practices. Things that you should know about traditional healers in rustenburg.



Traditional Healers often specialize in different things. Some traditional healers package with normal ailments as we know them. Other traditional healers with this problem specialize in love and sexual related issues. Other traditional healers deal with sorcery and bad luck issues. Other healers deal with attracting jobs and prosperity.


If you are looking for a traditional healer you have to determine first what your problem is. Your condition will give you guidance to what type of traditional healer you should seek out.


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