Type of Free Templates: Pros and Cons

I think you are familiar with the reality that designers make people feel that everyone needs a unique and expensive design which should be ordered from this designer in particular. Free templates, on the other palm, are considered to be sources of viruses, not cool at all and shameful. I guess it is not fare enough to convince people do something they don't really need. Of which is why I made the decision to bust some common myths about free template design. You can more free templates for your website right here قالبرایگان


1 ) Free templates are likely to be plain and uninteresting. I disagree! Templates differ. For the vast majority of tasks you desire a simple design. A clever businessman will order a site to display the utilization of the provided services and not to amuse clients-to-be by animated flash-header.


2 . not Free templates are not unique and anyone can use them. I agree! But there is absolutely nothing wrong about having a design which is not unique. The purpose is to not design nice-looking websites. They are being used as means of ad to show the benefits of the offered goods or services, to earn extra money.


3. The quality of the layout of the free templates is not very good. It is supplied with mistakes and the codes are not up-to-date. Both paid and free templates can be made by newbies just for their portfolios that is why there are many errors there. But watch out there - there are also some that provide paid templates not of a good quality. There are many reasons for it.


4. The various search engines prefer unique designs that is why websites with free design templates are indexed more serious. Search engines don't proper care much for your design. Nowadays users tend to choose standard CMS. Designers use standard examples of layout even for unique designs. The only thing you should remember is that the content of the website should be unique. In a word, unique design will not give you top positions in research engines.


5. Getting a free template design means you do not treat the site of yours seriously. I respectfully disagree! Individually I would never use engine services if they were not for free, easily was not provided by hundreds of free design templates. That made my work easier at the beginning. Anyway, I can choose paid design any time.


6. You get useless links in addition with free web templates. They can't be updated as well. If you are a professional you must know that it is as complicated to edit free templates since it is complicated to edit the paid ones. But you must also know that it is more difficult to edit someone's website then yours. If you have full ftp access to the web hosting of the site and the whole program code of the template the removal of all the links from the design template is not a problem for you. You can more free templates for your website right here قالبوردپرس


7. Presently there are many viruses in free templates. If you must know each website you visit may contain viruses. Even reliable websites can be hacked any time. What you can do is check the theme before setting anti-virus system and check the code in the Pad. The chance of catching a virus will be minimized then.


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